General Information

The People’s Survival Program in the tradition of the Black Panther Party and in the tradition of Sankofa “go back and fetch it”, was re-implemented and continued by 3 members of the New Black Panther Party, then-Bro. Shaka Shakur, Black Souljahz, United Muslim Alliance, Sistah Khadijah Shakur, New Black Panther Party, and Bro. Shaheed M. Shakur, New Black Panther Party. It is a coalition of organizations: The Zulu Nation, The Nation of Gods and Earths, The Black Spades, The New Black Panther Party, Black Souljahz, United Muslim Alliance et al. It continues the Survival Programs of the 1960’s (1966-1980) Some of the Programs, just to mention a few:

Free Food & Free Clothes Project
Emergency Preparedness Project
Anti Pig terror & Community Control of the Police Workshop
Community political education and revolutionary black history cultural class
Political Prisoner/POW/ Exile writing & support project
Black Cross Nurses Health Class
Maintenance/Vocational Class
Community Patrols

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