“programs that satisfy the deep needs of the community” ~Huey Percy Newton~ Black Panther Party



The Peoples Survival Program (PSP) is a grassroots community formation and a project of Safiya-Nuh Foundation/IFCO which currently receives ALL of it’s primary resources directly from the very same Black & Latino community that we serve.

For the past 5 years; The member organizations and individual volunteers of The PSP have consistently provided “on the ground” FREE Hot Meals, Clothes, Medical Screenings, Political/Cultural Education, Housing/Homeless Assistance, Know Your Rights, CPR/First Aid, Self-Defense & Certified Disaster Preparedness Training Classes/Workshops to the people of Harlem, Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx.

All Hurricane Sandy “Serve The People” efforts by The PSP are intended to provide the above training & relief services to all of those needing support in Red Hook, Brooklyn; Far Rockaway, Queens; and Coney Island, Brooklyn. Additionally, we have initiated our “Art For Healing Project” which will allow the children & teen survivors to tell their own stories about the disaster on video, film,canvas and other forms of expression.

Survivors Of Hurricane Sandy Wish List For The PSP:
– Blankets, Electric Blankets, Heating Pads & Sleeping Bags
– Thermal Socks, Gloves, Scarfs & Gloves

– Children’s Sweats & Snow Suits
– Arts & Crafts, Children’s Games & Toys For Toddlers
– Baby Food, Baby Blankets, Baby Wipes & Disposable Diapers
– Feminine Hygiene Products

– Toothpaste/Brushes, Mouthwash, Deodorant, Soap, Iodine, Peroxide & Alcohol
– Can Openers, Bleach, Disinfectant Sprays, Hand Sanitizers, First Aid Kits
– Safety Candles, Lighters, Flashlights & Batteries
– Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Zip Lock Plastic Bags & Garbage/Trash Bags
– Can Openers, Canned Fish, Canned Fruit, Fruit Snack Packets & Health/Energy Bars
– Water & “Capri Sun Type” Fruit Juice Packets

Dropoff Location To Donate Supplies:

The Harlem National Black Theater

2301 Fifth Avenue
Harlem, New York
(bet. 125th & 126th Streets)

All Tax Deductable Checks & Money Orders Should Be Made Out To:
Safiya-Nuh Foundation/IFCO 

And Mailed To:

(212) 650-5008  or  Peoplessurvivalprogram@aol.com

Visit Our Website At:

Bro. Shep, Outreach/Operations Coordinator

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